185 Murray St, Colac VIC 3250



Good Friday Bottleshop Only 12pm – 7pm
Easter Saturday Bottleshop/Bar/Bistro 11am
Easter Sunday Bar/Bistro 11am, Bottleshop midday
Easter Monday Bottleshop/Bar/Bistro Midday

The Austral Hotel has been the reliable watering hole of Colac for over 100 years.

Established in 1880 as the Brewer’s Arms, the Austral Hotel has evolved over time to become a venue that has something for everyone.

The Brewer’s Arms Bar is Colac’s go to venue for everything sports, beer and good food related.

With a wide range of lagers, ales and everything in between on tap, winding down after a hard day is light work at the Brewer’s Arms Bar.

Graziers Café and Dining is the perfect space to accommodate a more intimate experience.

Catering to small groups, family bookings and larger groups, Graziers offers an experience like no other in the region with tasty cuisine, an extensive range of beverages and exemplary customer service.

Ms Scarlet isn’t like other women. She’s uninhibited yet measured.

She walks the line and you best never cross it. You shiver at just the glint of her eye. The glint lets you know she has culture, she’s knowing and has just the right temperament.

There is a mystery, a secret about her.